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Annual Economic Report on Foreign Investment Matters

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Published on Thursday, April 18, 2024

At Kreston BSG® we know the importance of complying with the obligations that every company is subject to. As part of our commitment, we inform you that, regarding foreign investment matters, any Mexican company with foreign capital stock in its structure could be subject to report annually update notices before the National Registry of Foreign Investments (RNIE by its initials in Spanish).

Therefore, we remind you that, according to the first letter of the name or corporate name of the obligated entity, during the months of April (letters from A to J) and May (letters from K to Z or any other symbol), companies with foreign capital stock in its structure, Mexicans (natural persons) who acquire or have another nationality or, entities with neutral investment that habitually execute commercial acts, must renew their Certificate of Registration before the RNIE, as long as any of the following accounts is greater than MXN $110’000,000.00 (approximately USD $6’600,000.00) in the immediately past fiscal year (2023):

  • Initial total assets.
  • Final total assets.
  • Initial total liabilities.
  • Final total liabilities.
  • Income in the country and abroad.
  • Costs and expenses in the country and abroad.

The omission, untimely or erroneous presentation of these obligations may cause considerable fines, or the revocation of the authorizations granted by the Ministry of Economy and/or the National Foreign Investments Commission.

If your company is integrated by foreign capital stock or you have concerns on the proper complying with this obligation, please contact your Kreston consultant to guide you in the related filing and help you to adopt a legal compliance culture in this matter.


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