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We guide our clients in tax matters, foreign trade, international taxes, transfer pricing, and social security, ensuring quality, innovation, and ethics in our services through a global vision and support.

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Tax Advisory

One of the essential factors for businesses’ decision-making is the critical analysis of the legal-corporate and fiscal environment in which they operate. Therefore, appropriate advice regarding the implementation of efficient business structures and models is crucial for the success of any company. In this context, providing full support to our clients is our main commitment, and we take it on with full responsibility from our highly specialized staff.

  • Interpretation of tax provisions.

  • Corporate restructuring.

  • Capital repatriation.

  • Wealth and succession consultancy.

  • Confirmation of criteria with tax authorities.

  • Handling procedures with tax authorities.

  • Requesting and monitoring tax refunds and offsets.

  • Evaluation of the tax impact of specific transactions, as well as the adoption of legal structures.

  • Monthly and annual review or preparation of tax calculations and obligations.

  • International Personnel Assignments (Expatriates).

  • International Taxation.

  • Mergers, Due Diligence, Preparing for Buy/Sell.

Foreign Trade

Our service approach is based on understanding the entire administrative and informational process that encompasses the Foreign Trade area, enabling us to collaborate with our clients in continuous improvement.

  • Planning of import and export regimes.

  • Inventory control update projects.

  • Analysis and utilization of government foreign trade programs and their implementation.

  • Process optimization in Annex 24.

  • Review, planning, and determination of foreign trade taxes derived from free trade agreements signed by Mexico.

  • Foreign trade audits aimed at correcting activities or procedures.

  • Development and configuration of foreign trade areas.

  • Free Trade Agreements: product analysis and rules of origin.

  • Reports and origin certification with cost, engineering, traffic, and foreign trade information, in accordance with applicable free trade agreements.

  • Foreign trade procedures for the automotive industry.

  • Assistance in procedures required by the authority in its verification faculties, as well as litigation in foreign trade matters in conjunction with our legal department.

International Taxes

Our experts constantly update their knowledge through the analysis of international legislation and doctrine, precedents issued by foreign courts, and ongoing interaction with various specialists abroad through the Kreston network.

  • International restructuring structures, tax effects of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures (M&A).

  • Interpretation and application of domestic legislation regarding taxpayers residing abroad.

  • Interpretation and application of international provisions regarding taxpayers residing abroad.

  • Professional support with Mexican tax authorities in international matters.

  • Broad network of alliances with international specialists.

Transfer Pricing

Our approach is based on transfer pricing analyses and studies conducted by our specialists, providing our clients and tax authorities with a reliable tool to determine the amounts or ranges in which intercompany transactions should be conducted.

  • Preparation of Transfer Pricing Studies for transactions with foreign and domestic related parties.

  • Advisory and support in the submission of BEPS formats:
    • Master File,

    • Local File y,

    • Country by country.

  • Preparation and guidance in completing the Transfer Pricing Information Return (Annex 9 of the DIM).

  • Valuation of intangibles (trademarks), companies, and shares.

  • Advisory on the preparation of contracts between related parties.

  • Response to requests issued by the tax authority regarding Transfer Pricing.

  • Addressing any information/documentation requests from authorities related to Transfer Pricing.

  • Financial analysis and diagnosis to optimize the financial health and financial support of your business.

  • Expert witness services in Transfer Pricing matters.

Social Security

Our main objective is to assist our clients in properly fulfilling the obligations established in social security legislation. Additionally, we provide value-added services by actively participating in the client's common operations, allowing us to detect any type of error to avoid sanctions, fines, reprocessing, duplicate work, and improper overpayments of social security contributions.

  • Audits - IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute), INFONAVIT (National Workers' Housing Fund Institute), and voluntary or mandatory opinions.

  • State Payroll Tax (ISN) Opinion.

  • Compliance diagnosis.

  • Specialized advisory in:

    • Classification in Occupational Risk Insurance.

    • Obligations for the construction industry.

    • Remediation for improper practices.

    • Starting new businesses.

    • Base 100 compliance.


From finance and technology to energy and health, our tailored solutions are ready to help you achieve your business goals. Our deep knowledge of industry dynamics and current trends ensures that you will receive expert advice and guidance at every step of the way.

We provide our national and multinational clients with strategic consulting solutions in multiple industries.

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Our team is ready to help entrepreneurs and organizations grow and transcend securely and reliably through our experience and knowledge in legal-fiscal matters, assurance and attestation services, and business consulting.

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