Kreston is a global network of accounting firms that combine experience plus empathy with our clients and staff. We offer you the best strategies in financial advisory both locally and globally. With our expertise, we guide our clients to optimize their productivity, capitalize opportunities and strengthen their strategic structure; in other words, we go beyond the traditional accounting roll to ensure a successful future to our clients with the appropriate compliance to the current legislation. We assure the quality, innovation and ethic in all our services through a global vision. To accomplish this, our firm is an independent member of KRESTON INTERNATIONAL with the main headquarters in England, and which groups leading consulting firms. Both Kreston BSG and Kreston are members of the Business Forum, an association of international networks of accounting firms that promote consistent and high-quality standards in financial, legal and audit services.

About us

Kreston BSG is a leading accounting and financial services company based in Mexico.

We provide a full range of accounting, business consulting and financial services that will help you meet your personal and business goals, and with our deep understanding of your professional challenges and opportunities, we will go beyond the traditional accounting role to guide you to whatever the future will come.

Kreston BSG provides your company with global coverage as it is part of the Kreston network. As well as the support of people who know them, have access to the knowledge and skills of our colleagues in 113 countries. Wherever your ambition takes you in the world, our combination of experience and empathy will help your business fulfill the demands of the future.

The Firm

In KRESTON BSG we know that “people do business with people they know, like and which they trust”.  We are multidisciplinary consulting firm that provides integral solutions through the synergy of a team of experts in tax solutions, audit, foreign trade and other strategic areas.

We assure quality, innovation and ethics of our services, through a view of local assistance with global view.  In order to accomplish this, our firm is an independent member of KRESTON INTERNATIONAL, based in England, which groups leading consulting firms.

“Having KRESTON BSG´s support is count with specialists that share knowledge with partners from over more than 113 countries and apply their experience in the Mexican environment with a continuous and close assistance.

To have our clients optimized their productivity, capitalize opportunities and strengthen their strategic structure with a proper compliance to our legislation, is our reason for being.

KRESTON BSG´s solutions are addressed by our partners, who have many years of experience in their correspondent areas and an outstanding track record of achievement in their specific field.

Our portfolio adapts to real and unique needs from our clients in matters such as:

  • Tax solutions
  •  Audit solutions
  • Foreign Trade and Transfer Pricing solutions
  • Solutions in strategic areas

Tax solutions

“In a tax strategy experience, responsibility and innovation capability must be integrated in order to understand the Company in their time, sector and moment”.

Our Tax Services are focused in the development of solutions in order to strengthen the structure, achieving fair and timely compliance with tax obligations.

Tax advice

Having an efficient business model is the product of a corporate foundation strategy.  In KRESTON BSG we do an analysis that considers time, sector and moment of the companies in order to identify areas of improvement and opportunity related to the tax compliance.  Through the proper review of contracts and agreements, analysis of corporative structures, positive balance and interpretation of tax provisions, we generate a unique integral proposal for each client, which will allow them to achieve the planned financial objectives while they assure the proper compliance with the authority.

We are specialists in due diligence, which makes it easier to companies for the decision taking and to capitalize opportunities related to mergers, spin-offs, alienation of shares and intangibles.


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